Worlds XIV will be held from December 26th till 31th, 2019 in the halls of Wunderland in Kalkar, Germany.

The 26th of December will be time for celebration, meeting old friends and wishing everybody a Merry Christmas.
So please plan your arrival for the 26th of December.
Worlds will end on the 30th of December late in the evening, so you can plan your flight home on December 31st.
Awards ceremonies will be held in the evenings of the 28th and 30th of December.

The 5 winners will be announced after the competition and before awards, so all competitors can prepare themselves to wear their competition outfits to the awards ceremony.
The competitors list and schedule will be published once registrations have been processed.
After the competition, once processed, results and the jury reports will be published on the WCDF website.

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